Custom Furniture

As an experienced craftsman I can create pieces of custom furniture that are perfect for your home.
Do you need a specific size ottoman to fit in an unusual size space? Are you looking for a floating desk or custom made TV unit? If you are looking for handmade custom furniture I can help create it.

Custom furniture oak TV unit
A bespoke TV unit built with rustic wood and metal

Beautiful Custom Furniture Projects

Custom desks with oak tops and drawer units to match can be made in any size. Do you need drawers of a particular size or depth? I can add push open mechanisms and can make items totally unique to suit your needs. Crafting handmade custom furniture is something I really love to do for my customers, it’s so rewarding to see the final product in their home. I’m also great at coming up with ideas to solve problems and I’m passionate about creating bespoke furniture that will take pride of place in your home.

Decorative blanket box handmade with blue tile pattern inlay
Decorative blanket box made to bespoke measurements
Bespoke coat hanger and shelf
Bespoke coat hanger and shelving unit

Let’s work together

If you need a custom made piece of furniture just let me know. I will create something perfect and bespoke to your measurements.
Get in touch for a chat about how I can help.