Under Stairs Storage

I am experienced in creating storage solutions to maximise and make the most of the space under the stairs.
With push open drawers, shoe storage, cupboards for your vacuum cleaner and ironing board you can have your dream under stairs storage as you imagined it. The space created could be a place to store your wine or a place for your dog to call their own with an integrated dog bed and endless other storage options.

Innovative Under Stairs Storage

Innovative storage systems can be made to blend in with your hallway with matching skirting boards and push open doors.
Finding a clever storage solution that works for you is really important to me. There have been lots of very popular posts on social media about understairs storage and I am always interested in how they are created. I have plenty of knowledge and experience and if you’ve seen it done, I can probably make it happen in your home too! My customers love the results I have created.

Understairs storage built with matching skirting board - shown with door closed unpainted
Shoe storage under the stairs with matching skirting board
Under stairs storage with push open door and matching skirting board - shown with door open
Under stairs storage with space for everything and push open door
Newly built wooden staircase
Beautiful wooden staircase installed with in built storage

Let’s work together

If you’ve seen an innovative under stairs storage idea just let me know, I can make it happen. I can also provide guidance on how to make the most of your storage space.
Get in touch for a chat about how I can help.